March 26, 2017

INSTALLATION UPDATE: okay people like i know my installation is really weird and that like really conservative people would’ve slapped me just from hearing the pitch, BUT LIKE IM STARTING TO BELIEVE THAT GOD REALLY DOES APPROVE OF THIS INSTALLATION BECAUSE:

  • i’ve finished the 5 poems already AHHHH


  • I’ve finished recording all the poems (TY TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS HUHU)

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  • I’ve started promoting the event on my IG page (@itaymeup) with snippets of my poetry ❤


Now all i need to do is finish laying out the poems on the zine and actually printing them huhu.

I will no longer require actors to play the role of clergymen, as I will be overseeing the exhibit myself. I will personally guide the participants over to the section of the Church where the poems are, and I will personally oversee them while they listen. I managed to rope a friend of mine to help me with managing the flow of people outside the Gesu (just in case lmao)

I still have to merge the recordings of the poems, make them fit into a single track. I’ll be using my sister’s iPod, and I bought a splitter and a pair of headphones so that two people would be able to listen to the poems at the same time.

I also plan on printing out a copy of the main poster (which I’ll be blasting tomorrow on all of my social media accounts). I’ll have my friend show it to people coming at the Gesu to find out whether or not they’d want to participate in the installation on such short notice. the poster would contain my contact info just in case they have any questions about the project.

I’ve also changed the name of my installation from Confession to Grace. The updated abstract will be used to caption the poster tomorrow. My professor is  yet to approve of this, but it’ll go something like this:

Grace will be an installation that aims to blend two topics which I believe to be volatile in their own right: religion and sexuality.  Unlike my previous pitch for Confessions, where my focus aimed at the revival of the discomfort I felt every time I had to confess my sins, Grace will focus on projecting my experiences every time I had to attend Mass.

My grandfather taught me how entering the church, the house of God, requires I “quiet” myself down. I’m in the presence of the Lord. I should act as such. I always thought my grandfather meant that I should think only of God and His glory whenever I was in church. I could never do that. My thoughts would go everywhere, most of the time I end up thinking thoughts that shouldn’t be thought in a church, which would then make me feel guilty about my lack of mental self-control.

I aim to replicate these personal experiences of mine through five poems. There will only be one station, which will have two sets of headphones. The poems will be played as a single audio file.

Participants who wish to get a transcript of the poems may do so by purchasing a zine containing the five poems. They will fill out an order form, which will be given to them should they request it.


i’m really hoping for his approval on this soon.


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