January 26, 2017

Hi, my name is Miguel Santiago. I’m a second year college student majoring in Creative Writing.

The writer, whose name is Miguel, as mentioned, checks the time. 9:54 P.M. He’s left the window open to let the cold night air in. There is a pitcher of water and an empty glass on the table, a safe distance away from his laptop. The drone of the electric fan is all he hears.

What else is there to put in an introduction of a blog? he thinks to himself. His professor warned him to not be too formal with the introductions. But he also shouldn’t be too informal. He’d asked his students to keep their blogging styles consistent.

Miguel doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to maintain this level of formality–and he’s only given his name and major.

His cat meows from below the table. Miguel scratches his head.

I’m a Pisces.

He makes a face. What was he supposed to achieve by stating his astrological sign?

Even though I think I’m more of a Gemini because I can sometimes be a two-faced bitch.

There. That’s better.

10:15 P.M. He’s making good process. The cat jumps onto the table and flicks its tail, covering his monitor. He guides it away gently.

He’s making good process. He should take a break.

10:49 P.M. Shit. He should get back to work.

His eyes flick to the URL. Maybe he can…

The URL is itaymeup because in Filipino, “itay” means “father”, implying that I have a daddy kink.

He probably has a daddy kink. Does he?

He looks at the time. 10:54 P.M. He has time. He opens up a new tab and Googles: “online bdsm test”.

11:18 P.M. The results show that he’s 96% vanilla. Miguel makes a face at the monitor. The last time he felt this offended was when — on Wattpad stated that he needed to work on the grammar of one of his stories.

He can’t change the URL to something more fitting to his BDSM type. It’s too late for that. All he really wants to do now is sleep.

The URL is a play on the English colloquial phrase: “Tie me up, daddy.”

He’ll pretend that he has a daddy kink. He can pull it off. It’s 11:27 P.M.

I like writing, obviously. I prefer writing poetry and fiction. I actually have a Wattpad account, @3stPoet lmao.

The “lmao” slips out of him and into the keys. He ignores it. He’ll fix it tomorrow.

Come to think of it, maybe he can fix everything else tomorrow. Why agonize over a deadline the night before the deadline? Why not agonize over it on the day itself instead?

11:31 P.M. Without the strain he puts on himself in trying to make everything sound proper, words type themselves on the Word document in a rush.

OMG I ALSO HAVE ANOTHER WORDPRESS ACCOUNT HAHAHA the url is sadhothings.wordpress.com because it’s literally just full of poetry that are like #sad #ho #sadho

11:41 P.M. The next part of the introduction is supposed to talk about his favorite artists/creators. He pours himself a glass of water and gulps it all down. He can feel his sweaty ass sticking to his jersey shorts.

When someone asks me like who my favorite artists are, the first name that pops into my head is Lana del Rey. She’s been an inspiration for my poetry ever since I started. So, like last year. She helped me find my footing when it comes to writing my #3stPoetry (and yes that’s a legit hashtag which y’all can find on Twitter lmao)

11:57 P.M. There are more artists that he wants to include. The cat, which had curled up beside his laptop, purrs softly.

11:58 P.M. He really wants to go to bed now.

The cat stands up and stretches with a toothy yawn. It jumps off the table with a quiet thump.

  • Libba Bray – her book “The Diviners” introduced me to the genre of religious horror in fiction. It’s still one of my favorite books alongside “The Beyonders”, “The Mortal Instruments” saga, and the entire Percy Jackson series.
  • Taylor Swift – like seriously say what you want about her reputation as a singer/role model, but she can pen good shit.
  • Halsey – not to downplay her (WHICH NO ONE SHOULD BECAUSE SHE IS LIT AF) but like looking back at “Badlands” now, it just kind of screams “welcome to my dark and twisted mind”
  • Ives – she’s my coursemate and HER SPOKEN WORD POETRY IS FUCKING LIT YO
  • Troye Sivan – god bless his gay aussie ass like i aspire to be him someday: pull off a plain white shirt while performing for millions of people
  • Ariana Grande – Her vocals are fire like if she was a video game i was there to watch her evolve from rated E to rated M
  • Beyonce – #Queen like do i even have to explain
  • NICKI MINAJ – BOSS ASS BITCH YES like 99.9% of the raps i memorize are hers.
12:27 A.M. Fuck. He’d been wanting to sleep early tonight. Fuck.
He looks at his notebook again. What else does he need to include in the blog? “Concerns”. What can he be concerned about at half-past midnight?
Do I have any concerns? 
  • the fact that the Philippine government is seriously considering lowering the age of criminality from 15 to like 9. FUCKING 9-YEAR-OLDS ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO BE THROWN INTO JAIL WTF IS WRONG WITH LIFE
  • Scholars in my college being discriminated against. Like I haven’t experienced this first hand but like i hear stories of people like discriminating scholars for being “too poor” to pay the tuition whole. Like ???? some of us (not me) but like SOME OF US choose not to because we’re smart enough to not HAVE to. Dumb snitches.
  • Some people that im related to looking down on the idea of free condoms being given out in schools in 2017. LIKE SERIOUSLY THEY WERE LIKE “hay nako mas maraming babaeng mabubuntis dahil diyan” (My goodness. More girls are going to get pregnant because of this.) WTH HOW IS MY GAY MILLENNIAL ASS RELATED TO YALL.

12:51 P.M.

  • It’s ten to one my concern is my health because i want to sleep.

He lets out a yawn. He’ll make everything prim tomorrow. He closes the window, rinses the glass he used, and then put it away. He leaves his laptop on. Before heading to the bathroom to shower, he opens his Spotify and puts on a random playlist.

In the shower, he thinks: what if I approach the blog meta-fiction style?

That idea doesn’t sound half-bad. I don’t know how I plan to do that. But the deadline is less than 24 hours away. I’ll have to learn how to make do.

He’s ready to go to sleep now. The cat is curled up on top of the washing machine outside the bathroom.

Lana del  Rey plays on his laptop. Toweling himself dry, he makes his way over to his laptop to shut it down.


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